Slate Hallandale Beach Receives FGBC v3 High-Rise Residential Gold Certification

Slate Hallandale Beach is proud to announce its achievement of the Florida Green Building Coalition (FGBC) v3 High-Rise Residential Gold certification for the luxury rental community located at 101 Diplomat Pkwy, Hallandale Beach, FL.
Slate Hallandale Beach
South Florida Business Journal

Slate Hallandale Beach is proud to announce its achievement of the Florida Green Building Coalition (FGBC) v3 High-Rise Residential Gold certification for the luxury rental community located at 101 Diplomat Pkwy, Hallandale Beach, FL. The Florida Green Building Coalition (FGBC) is dedicated to improving Florida’s built environment through verified green certification standards for homes, land developments, commercial buildings, high rises, and city and county governments. The sustainable building practices implemented in the development prioritize the health and safety of those who call it home, providing a superior living experience while also reducing its environmental footprint. Slate is the only High-Rise Gold certified development in Hallandale Beach and the third in Broward County to have achieved this tremendous achievement.

“Our commitment to responsible building practices is a top priority, and this certification is a testament to that,” said Ari Pearl, founder and CEO of PPG Development. “We recognize the importance of minimizing our development's impact on the environment while prioritizing the health and well-being of our residents. This certification is a major accomplishment for our team as we continue to strive for excellence in South Florida development."

This accomplishment was made possible through Slate’s sustainability commitment to sustainability and Spinnaker Group’s guidance. Spinnaker Group, a division of SOCOTEC USA, is a well-known and respected leader in the green-building industry with a mission to help facilitate the development of the highest quality sustainable building projects.

“We look forward to continuing to collaborate with Slate Hallandale Beach in leading the way as one of the few rental developments that have chosen to go above and beyond to achieve this green building certification,” said Jonathan Burgess from Spinnaker Group. “We are committed to promoting sustainability in South Florida real estate and Slate Hallandale Beach serves as a prime example of our ongoing efforts to achieve this goal.”

The FGBC certification evaluates the technical performance of buildings based on various factors determined by third-party agents. It allows developers to ensure their properties meet climate-specific green building standards and provide verification of performance. This certification not only demonstrates the developer is environmentally responsible but also assures potential renters that they are living within a safe, sustainable property.

To achieve Florida Green Building Coalition v3 High-Rise Residential Gold certification, buildings are evaluated by six categories which include energy efficiency, water efficiency, site, health, materials and disaster migration.

Top green features applicable to Slate Hallandale Beach include:

  • Energy Efficiency: Slate Hallandale Beach has implemented significant energy-saving measures, including efficient interior and exterior lighting, HVAC systems, and pump motors, resulting in a 26% savings above the code requirements. These measures have significantly reduced monthly energy bills and demonstrate the development's commitment to sustainability.
  • Water Efficiency: The development has taken a sustainable approach to its landscaping by selecting plants that require less water for irrigation, with more than 60% of the plants being drought-tolerant.
  • Site: Within a half-mile walking distance from Slate Hallandale Beach are over 15 basic services and multiple bus line routes. This location provides convenience for residents and also reduces traffic, greenhouse gas emissions, and overall pollution from automobiles. The open space exceeds the Code requirement by 25%, providing residents with ample quality outdoor spaces to enjoy.
  • Health: More than 75% of the spaces in the residence have access to exterior views, increasing occupants’ comfort.
  • Materials: The developers made an effort to use materials that were extracted and manufactured within 700 miles from the project site, which accounts for over 20% of the total materials used. This not only supports the regional economy but also reduces environmental impacts resulting from transportation. Additionally, the property diverted more than 75% of the waste generated during construction from the landfill by recycling it at a sorting facility.
  • Disaster Migration: The building has been designed to be safe in case of flood, reducing the potential for flooding and the resulting moisture and mildew problems.

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